Check out MCC  Turfgrass department bunker etiquette video….thank you for watching.

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New View

Crew doing awesome job underbrushing and clearing behind 1 Green! Wow great view! We plan on cleaning all the way to the bridge going from 1 to 2

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Out with old In with the New

No we don’t have a gopher problem on 3 fairway, lol.  Please pardon the work on fairways 1 & 3.  As we excavate the bunkers, we are utilizing the old contaminated sand to fill in the sink holes in the fairways.  Once summer is here, expect them to fill in quickly and your tee shots […]

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MCC Bunkers

We have 58 bunkers and approximately a third hold water and I know everyone is tired of looking at them.  Now that we have done some early spring cleaning at maintenance and between holes 6 and 7, we can now get out on the course and troubleshoot, access, and execute a plan on the bunkers. Our […]

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