MCC Bunkers

We have 58 bunkers and approximately a third hold water and I know everyone is tired of looking at them.  Now that we have done some early spring cleaning at maintenance and between holes 6 and 7, we can now get out on the course and troubleshoot, access, and execute a plan on the bunkers. Our first step in each and every bunker is to flush the outfall or exit pipe to ensure proper drainage.  We have gotten a good jump and already completed the fairway bunker and greenside bunker on hole 1.  The good news is both outfall pipes are properly functioning, the problem and reason they were not draining was due to layering from several years of adding new sand on top of contaminated sand.  Bunkers are high maintenance, very high in labor cost, not to mention the high cost of the pretty white sand,  and must be daily maintained.  It is our goal in the near future to present a rotating 4 to 7 yr bunker plan that provides cost effective and championship bunkers year round.  Below, see the layers in bunkers not draining on #1, and before after pictures #1 fairway bunker. img_9557img_9571img_9687


5 thoughts on “MCC Bunkers

  1. You guys rock! The work you are/have been doing so far is truly making a difference on how the course looks and plays. The course is looking very sharp, maybe it will help my game

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  2. I am truly ecstatic about the changes being made and very appreciative of the hard work and know how being devoted! As a relatively new member of the club I know you have the ability to bring this course back to the greatness it was once known for. All the people that I have talked to are very happy with everything! Also, I know there are several of the membership, myself included, that are will to assist on occasion with help in the form of manual labor as a large group, and at your direction if needed. Krauser agreed to weed eat all of banks around the lakes on 2 personally……lol…..but seriously, we will all pitch in to lend a helping hand…..just say the word……Glad to have you! Ottomatic

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