Golf Course Amenities Restoration

Time for a little restoration and TLC.  All ball washers, trash cans, pin flags, tee markers, etc.  are being inventoried, condition being graded pass or fail, then individually accessed and restored, replaced, and or retired.  It is our goal to keep a clean, consistent, professional appearance around the course. Thank you for your patience as […]

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Annual Blugrass Eradication

Finally we had a break in the weather and we were able to apply our post control herbicide on Monday January 23 to eradicate the ever nuisance winter annual,  poa annua,  aka annual blugrass.  At our normal winter annual temperatures, expect a minimum of three weeks until you see signs of the plant checking out.  […]

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Good Morning MCC

New Mulch Beds on holes 1 and 3, have been incorporated in areas that the turf will not grow due to lack of water and sunlight, are not only for aesthetics, but will help control cart traffic during our growing season. 

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